Let Your Heart Sing!

Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat Guidebook Cover.jpg

As a bonus to the core curriculum for Designing What Is Next, I have included access to the  Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat.  

The Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat will…

  • help you access guidance for your life and dreams
  • introduce you to unique journaling exercises that will take you deeper into your own discovery process
  • energize your life and help you attract new opportunities
  • maximize your clarity and reconnect you with YOU
  • be a fun and safe space to discover your Soul’s wisdom

Download your Vision Retreat Guidebook with the button below. 

Your guidebook will show you everything you need to prepare and set up your Vision Retreat.  It includes step-by-step instructions for creating a Soul Collage and directions for reflecting and going deeper into what you want to bring forward.