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I am so happy you are here.  I am Heather Gray, the creator of your "Designing What Is Next" Course. I am excited to share this material with you.  It's been culled from my more 20 years of experience in the personal growth, psycholgy and life coaching fields. 

This material will help you gain the clarity and confidence to design a life you love, one next project and easy step at a time.

Let's get started. 



What Membership Means for You

As a member of Designing What Is Next you have life-time access to this course.  This means you can sit back and relax and use this material in the perfect way for you. 

  • Any additions or upgrades to these materials will always be available to you. 
  • You may take yourself through the course as many times as you would like. In fact I recommend taking a refresher every six months.
  •  Your life will be constantly evolving and changing - what is "next" today will be material for designing even more. 

Designed with love,

~Heather Gray