Welcome to Rhythm Week.  For the next seven days, you will be observing and tracking your daily activities, so that you can begin having a sense of your natural rhythm as it is today. This will help you to see where you are flourishing and in flow; where you feel neutral and going through the motions; and where you are floundering or off track. 

For now, it's important to observe your daily activities without judgement or the need to change anything. As you go through your day, you will use your Rhythm Tracker to track the activities you are engaged in using 15-30 minute increments.  You will pay attention to how your body compass feels (on track, neutral or off track) and you will make notes describing what you believe is influencing your body compass.

Rhythm Play Sheet 1.jpg

There are many things that may influence your sense of being on or off track, including: 

  • activity you are doing
  • energy level
  • people you are with
  • thoughts in your head
  • alignment with values
  • using your core strengths
  • honoring your unicorn (preferences, personality, etc.)
  • the environment
  • outside factors (news, weather, events) 


Tracking your time will help you to discover patterns for when you are at your creative best, as well as which factors throw you off track. This information will assist you in the next Designing What Is Next section, that’s all about what you want to Create. 

Download your Rhythm Tracker and make seven copies to use for each day of the week. At the end of the seven days, complete the Reflection questions that are part of your Rhythm Play Sheet. 

For the online version, click here


At the end of seven days, takes sometime to reflect on the patterns that you noticed by tracking your rhythms.


*The Rhythm Tracker and the Rhythm Reflection Questions are also included in your Rhythm Play Sheet.




Today I will search for my own truth and I will allow others to do the same.

I will value the worth of my vision and the vision of others.

We are all on our own paths making the decisions that are right for us today.
— Melodie Beattie