Simple ideas and tools for finding the clarity you need to claim a life you love and were meant to live.


Welcome to clarity

Without clarity, you are creating noise and good ideas that lack any true connection. This important first part will help you find the clarity you need to create beautiful life change that is on track and flowing with your creative energy. 


The Quest workbook

The Quest Workbook by Heather Gray.png

All new adventures begin with a few small steps. Your Designing What Is Next journey begins here.

The Quest is 50-page work(play)book that is carefully designed to support you in opening up to and clarifying your life direction, goals and desires. It will take you to the heart of your What's Next Quest.

This step is invaluable for your Designing What Is Next journey.

Stay tuned!


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Most people don’t need more therapy, they need more clarity
— Robert Holden

Clarity 101

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The dark night of the soul (aka deep confusion): we've all been here.