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In this video, Heather describes the essential ingredients for Designing What Is Next.



Class begins on January 8, 2018

Special Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat available at sign-up


Designing What Is Next is an 8 week-online experience that begins after the New Year, on January 8, 2018. There is an additional bonus, the Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat, that is available as soon as you enroll, so that you may begin your envisioning process and receive some soul-level messages for your life.  

All materials are made accessible via a members only website where you will be guided step-by-step through the Designing What is Next process.  Your membership includes Lifetime Access, which means you can choose to go at the pace that works for you, return to the material to review your favorite parts or retake the entire course whenever you want. You will also have access to any future upgrades and additions to the course as it evolves.

By being part of this initial program you will also receive a special price as well as access to me for support and guidance.





Each Designing What Is Next section is given two weeks so that you have the first week for working through the content and the second week for implementing, asking questions and coaching.  In week one you receive access to the course content and in week two I am holding office hours and available to answer your questions.

Each course section of Designing What Is Next includes:

  • A welcome and overview video  
  • A deep dive into the topic via:
    •  Video lessons from me
    • Downloadable Guidebook and Worksheets for printing and notation
    • Downloadable MP3s so you can listen on the go
  • Resources for further exploration and support
  • Ask the Coach (that's me) corner where you can send me questions and share your progress
  • Office Hours with Heather (2 hours every second week of the Course)



Your membership includes Lifetime Access, which means you can choose to go at the pace that works for you, return to the material to review your favorite parts or retake the entire course whenever you want. You will have access to future upgrades and additions to the course as it evolves. As long as the program lives, you will hold the keys to this material. 



Clarity Journal and Pen.jpg

January 8 - 20

Simple ideas and tools for finding the clarity you need to claim a life you love and were meant to live.

Without clarity, you are creating noise and good ideas that lack any true connection. This important first part will help you find the clarity you need to create beautiful life change that is on track and flowing with your creative energy. 

What's included: 

  • Clarify where you are today: what's not working and ripe for change
  • Learn how to handle "stuck" and flow with your more difficult emotions
  • Understand how your Soul says Yes!
  • Know where and when you are on and off track from your right life
  • Tap into your Higher Self and Wisdom to claim what's next

PART 2: calling (WEEK 3-4)

Yellow Lights and Joy 1200x800.jpeg

January 22 - February 4


Tap into the joy and fulfillment of knowing and living your true calling. 

One of the most commonly asked questions is What is My Life Purpose? Finding your answer does not need to be a struggle - with some simple ideas and tools, you can start experiencing the joy and confidence of living from your true calling.

If you aren’t sure what your calling is then this module will give you specific ways to figure that out. If you already know your calling, then this will offers tools to go deeper and fulfill it in more satisfying ways.  

What's included:

  • Clarify your life purpose
  • Define your unique gifts and strengths
  • Live in alignment with your truth
  • How to close doors on what no longer fits
  • Discovering your Sweet Spot


Creating with Map.jpeg

February 5 - 18

Get on the playing field with soul worthy projects that make your heart sing.

"Thinking about it," is hardly ever the action you need to take when it comes to designing what's next. In this section you will create movement with worthy projects that can take you from where you are now to where you want to go next. 

You will discover that your biggest dreams are doable and figureoutable.  You will create treasure maps and borrow some of my favorite ideas for stepping forward and getting to done. 

What's included:

  • Choose soul worthy projects that express your What's Next
  • Map out actions steps and goals
  • Resources and support for getting to done
  • How to use and enjoy the feedback you receive from committing
  • What to do when you get stopped


Kayak 2.jpg

February 19 - March 4

Take life to the next level with gold-standard ideas for mastery and evolution.

Life is an ongoing journey of lessons and change. In this section we will take a broader view of your life, let go of the past, and uncover your inner-brilliance that is truly unlimited. 

You will learn how to master life change so that each creative project and life chapter builds on the previous cycle. You will expand your view to the impact you want to make over the next five plus years. 

What's included:

  • Design beyond the the next 6-12 months
  • Navigate meltdowns and master the change cycle
  • Access my favorite tools for transformation and growth
  • Deepen into your gifts
  • Define your legacy




An important part of this course is having me as your coach throughout this process.  During the second week of each module, I am making myself available for coaching, asking questions, and support through any challenges.

How this will work:

  • During the second week of each course section, I am scheduling a 2 hour window for you to call in and speak with me. This will be held virtually over Zoom (so you can access me via an internet connection or dial in from your phone.)
  • There is also a coaching corner where you may submit questions directly to me.  I will answer these via email. 
  • And if you get stuck, I will make time to set up a quick connection call when possible. 

What is important to me is that you receive the support you need to create the change you really want, no matter what. 








One to One Coaching.jpg


Everyone who joins the program before January 1st, will receive a 30 minute coaching session with me, which will be conducted privately over Skype, Zoom or phone.

Note: If you are interested in a deep dive with me, then I recommend purchasing the VIP Package that includes six months of coaching together (see details below). 


Special Bonus #2: The Let Your Heart Sing Vision retreat

Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat Guidebook Cover.jpg

Available when you sign-up.

This may be one of your favorite parts of the journey.  In addition to the Core Curriculum for Designing What Is Next, I am including materials for the  Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat. You will be guided though a unique process to create your own Soul Collage to use as additional inspiration for Designing What Is Next

This Vision Retreat will…

  • help you access guidance for your life and dreams
  • introduce you to unique journaling, treasuring tools, and visual exercises that will take you deeper into your own discovery process
  • energize your life and help you attract new opportunities
  • maximize your clarity and reconnect you with YOU
  • be a fun and safe space to discover your Soul’s wisdom
The Soul Collage helps you to tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity from a deeper place than a traditional Vision or Dream Board. It acts as a beacon for moving you forward and offers ongoing inspiration in the months (and years) ahead.
— Heather Gray
Section of my very first Soul Collage (2007)

Section of my very first Soul Collage (2007)

How The Vision Retreat Works

The Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat may be completed in as little as an hour or you may feel guided to create an entire day for your process. Materials for creating the collage include a simple list of items that you may have on hand. 

Your will receive:

  • step-by-step instructions for creating your Soul Collage   
  • journaling exercises to help you tap into your inner wisdom and guidance
  • ideas for interpreting the deeper messages from your collage

This is a process you can return to again and again. I have clients who create seasonal Soul Collages to help guide their life.

The Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat materials are available to you at sign-up.



Special Bonus #3: "Let's discuss Creating a Life You Love" - expert Interviews

It can be helpful to hear from others about how they are creating change, living their calling and designing lives that they love

Here are three experts that I have invited to talk with us:

Karen Headshot.jpg


Karen is a therapist, health coach and the Creator of the Brave Program for Women. Karen says: "My passion is to help other women and girls access their truth and express their essence… so you can feel alive in your body and find the courage to follow the whispers of your heart & soul."





Brooke describes herself as a Possibility Synergist and a Guide. After creating a synchronistic strategic alliances for Aaron Basha Jewelers with Godiva and Unicef that created major growth and publicity, Brooke realized that strategic alliances are her zone of genius, because creating joint ventures is as natural as breathing for her.  

In her own words, Brooke says: "I’m here to help you co-create your big idea a reality. I’m all about possibility, that magical mix of strategy and soul that works as a catalyst to bring your visions to life. I work with people who are READY for the next level, who KNOW that they’re destined for greatness, and who are OPEN to help getting to where they are going."



Sue Rasmussen Portrait.jpg


Sue coaches women entrepreneurs to let go of the clutter and overwhelm, do less, and accomplish more.  She’s a coach and the international best-selling author of My Desk Is Driving Me Crazy and Unclutter Your Spirit.

Sue has worked with over 6,000 small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants from 29 countries.  Her work has been featured in Success MagazineReal Simple MagazineWomen Entrepreneurs Magazine, and the NBC TODAY Show, as well as numerous radio and publication interviews.



What's Included

Designing What Is Next offers up my best tools for supporting you in creating beautiful life change: 

Each Course Section includes a downloadable Guidebook and Worksheets

Each Course Section includes a downloadable Guidebook and Worksheets

  • Access to a members only Designing What Is Next virtual classroom 
  • 8-Weeks of Course Content and Coaching
  • Welcome and overview videos from me that introduce the Core Curriculum
  • A deep dive into each topic via:
    •  Video lessons from me
    • Downloadable Guidebook and Worksheets for printing and notation
    • Downloadable MP3s so you can listen on the go
  • Office Hours with Heather (I will be available for 2 hours over Zoom for checking in with me during the second week of your Core Curriculum. The timing will vary to accommodate different schedules and time zones.)
  • My favorite and essential resources for further exploration and support
  • Ask the Coach (that's me) corner where you can send me questions and share your progress.
  • 30 minute private coaching session with Heather (via Skype, Zoom or phone)
  • Special pre-course material for a self-guided Let Your Heart Sing Vision Retreat (you will love this!)
  • Bonus Interviews with experts on Creating a Life Your Love
  • Life Time Access to the Course Materials (including any upgrades and additions)

Is this you?

Who this is for:

  • You are a creative spirit who is ready for change (even if you aren’t sure what change)
  • You are excited to roll up your sleeves and do some soul worthy exploring 
  • You sense there's more for you and are ready to discover what that is
  • You believe in and invest in your personal growth
  • You are open to guidance and resonate with the Designing What Is Next message


Who this is not for:

  • You are happy with the status quo
  • You prefer a rule book over living outside the box
  • You have a “prove it to me” attitude
  • You are not interested in growing and evolving
  • You are closed to change and trying out new ideas





Let's Do This

Yes. If you’re ready to move forward with your creative dreams and bring your What's Next into the world, I can’t wait to take you step-by-step through this process. I will be with you all along the way to support you and I am very excited to see what you design for yourself.

Duration: 8 weeks + Vision Retreat (choose your pace, you have lifetime access!)

Delivery: online membership website (aka The Designing What's Next Studio)

Start Date: January 8, 2018  (with Vision Retreat material available at sign-up)

SPECIAL introductory PRICE $497

(Regular price $697)


SPECIAL introductory PRICE $197

(Regular price $250)

*does not include other program bonuses


Includes 6 months of private coaching with Heather

**Only Few Spots Left**


Or click here to split into 6 monthly payments of $500

I have coached and worked with hundreds of clients individually and in group programs from around the globe (Australia, Canada, UK, Europe and USA) and have helped them to birth new books and programs, create purpose-filled businesses, explore dream lifestyles and experience personal breakthroughs.  As your Coach and mentor, I will support you to move through your blocks, bring clarity to the confusion, and get started sooner rather than later.  

What's included:

  • Full access to the Designing What Is Next Program
  • 90 minute VIP session to launch your program (via Zoom, Skype or Phone)
  • 10 x 60 minute private coaching sessions (via Zoom, Skype or Phone)
  • Personalized feedback on your What's Next project(s)
  • Unlimited email access to me




Be Happy Policy: If you are not fully satisfied with the Designing What Is Next Program, you may request a full refund within 7 days of the course start date. (No refunds after the first week.) 


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Do you have a question about Designing What Is Next?  Use the button below to get in touch with me.